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Campaign sees baby elephants return to the wild in Zimbabwe

27 January 2013

Five wild-caught elephant calves due to be sent from Zimbabwe to Chinese zoos have been saved from a life of misery. Thanks to pressure put on the Zimbabwe Parks Authority they have now been sent instead to a national park in Zimbabwe to be rehabilitated back into the wild. 

Previously, one of four calves sent to Chinese zoos in November 2012 had already died due to the stress of capture and captivity, with standards of care and facilities falling short of those required. As a result, Animals Asia had requested supporters email the Zimbabwe environment minister and the National Parks Authority to pass on concerns over the sending of additional elephant calves. 

Animals Asia, Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale commented:

“Thanks to all those who took time to email the Zimbabwe authorities. These are wild elephants that deserve to be in the wild and we’re delighted that’s where they’ll now remain.”

We are working in partnership with Humane Society International, offering advice and support in housing the remaining three elephants that previously arrived in China, in the hope that we can improve their living conditions.