Brave moon bear Rocky dies

10 August 2017

Rescued after over a decade in a cage - moon bear Rocky’s suffering has ended.

Animals Asia sanctuary staff today confirmed that moon bear Rocky - rescued this week from Lai Chau province in Vietnam – will suffer no more.

Vet Mandala, who was at the rescue and was able to care for Rocky on her two-day journey home, said today:

"Exploratory surgery has found multiple and large tumours in all of her liver. We suspect it is cancerous and it's definitely inoperable. The only thing we can do now is to give her respite from suffering.

“She deserved so much more, however in the last two days we know she's found joy in making a nest out of fresh banana leaves – probably the first time she's been able to do something like this in her life. We can take comfort in the fact that she did not die alone in a cage and that her life ended surrounded by people who loved her."

Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson said:

“We’re sad and we’re angry but this is not about us today. Our feelings can only ever be a fraction of what Rocky has been through. For over 10 years she had lived in a tiny cage. This is undeniably wrong and what has happened is a tragedy. There remains over 1,000 bears living like this in Vietnam and this cruelty must end.”

Jill paid tribute to Animals Asia supporters, the rescue team and Vet Mandala for the special care she was able to give Rocky at the end of her life.


She added:

“Rocky must have spent her life thinking she had been forgotten. But Vietnam’s bears are not forgotten. Already people across the world know of Rocky’s story and they know that there are so many more bears suffering as she has. Our Vietnam rescue team that continues to travel the country ending cruelty are heroes and they will not rest while bears suffer in this way.

“We have seen the comfort that Mandala was able to bring to Rocky in her final days. Brave Rocky finally left that cage that had taken her life, health and happiness and she couldn’t have had better care or more love. Help arrived for Rocky just too late but we will end this cruelty and Rocky’s bravery and strength will inspire us.”

Animals Asia has rescued around 600 bears - mostly from the bear bile trade - and continues to care for nearly 400.

If you would like to make a small donation in Rocky’s name to help bears like her - please do so here. Thank you.

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