Animals Asia provides free online vet training resources in China

29 November 2021

One of the key elements of our work to improve animal welfare in Asia is the sharing of best practice veterinary care. With a country as big as China, and with many travel restrictions still in place, our team has turned to social media to help level-up vets and vet assistants with a series of sessions on important topics like feline medicine, dental health, ophthalmology, preventive medicine and nutrition.

The course is headed up by Dr. Mandala Hunter-Ishikawa who you may recognise from many previous bear rescues as the former Resident Vet at our China Bear Rescue Centre and former Senior Vet at our Vietnam Sanctuary. Speaking about her role as Animals Asia’s Senior Veterinary Trainer in China Mandala said:

“Being given a platform to promote animal welfare in veterinary practice is a dream come true. Our work in this area has the potential to alleviate the suffering of thousands of animals in China. We are also highlighting the importance of vet nurses/assistants/technicians as it is still a growing field in China. They are a vital part of a successful team, so it’s extra important to champion them!"

We’re partnering with top veterinary specialists from around the world and it is being sponsored by Zoetis, the world’s largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for veterinary use. We deliver free training on our animal welfare portal and content platform, our Chinese language website and it is all being promoted on China’s premier social media platform WeChat.

You can access all of the content

The year-long program highlights the importance of animal welfare in veterinary medicine using up-to-date and relevant information relevant to practicing veterinarians and veterinary assistants in China.

Each of the month long modules consists of: 

  • Two translated current research articles
  • Practical/case-based content video or presentation by Senior Vet Trainer or guest lecturer
  • Practical tools like charts, graphics, forms for practitioners to use in the clinic
  • Veterinary Assistant Corner: a VLOG-type video and tools particularly designed for vet assistants
  • Highlights of new information and conferences throughout the year
  • Live chat with a specialist for a case-based discussion and Q&A

The course features sessions from many specialists who have supported Animals Asia’s mission over the years including Dr. Alane Cahalane, Dr. Cedric Tutt, Dr. Claudia Hartley and more.

Recent Q&A sessions with the guest specialists have attracted over 60 key opinion leaders, including influential and renowned vets in China as well as over 1,000 live viewers.

Mandala continued: “I’d like to thank everyone who made this program possible, all of the admin staff and translators, the specialist vets, Zoetis for the reach and support and of course you the Animals Asia donors who put Kindness in Action every day in so many vitally important ways.”

Watch this space, as once the course is complete we’ll let you know how it went with testimonials from the course participants who we hope will be the future Chinese veterinary leaders and champions of world class animal welfare.

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