Animals Asia calls on supporters to join the race to rescue the last bile bears in Vietnam

11 July 2022

Throughout Animals Asia’s history, our supporters have made everything we do possible. They’ve given us the strength to carry on through our darkest and most challenging times, and have given their time, money, and voices to help us achieve our founding goal…

To end the cruel and unnecessary practice of bear bile farming.

And as we break ground on our new sanctuary and prepare to rescue the last bears on bile farms in Vietnam, supporters from across the world have been raising awareness and funds to make sure we get across that finish line and end bear bile farming in Vietnam forever. 

A global movement of passionate supporters

The ways in which our supporters have been raising funds and awareness are as varied and interesting as they are! Some have - quite literally - been ‘racing to rescue’, by running half marathons, virtual marathons and full marathons, and running 100km in 30, 20, or 15 days! 

Others have organised BearBQs with delicious vegan food, while some have asked their friends and family to donate to Animals Asia in lieu of birthday presents.

And as we speak, Scott Powrie is climbing two of the most challenging peaks in the world to raise awareness and funds for Animals Asia’s No Bear Left Behind campaign because, as Scott put it, “Animals Asia have been moving mountains for years".  

Follow Scott’s journey as he shares the ‘fun and not so fun things that happen’ on the climb!

Moon Bear Day

Many of our supporters like to go the extra mile and do something really amazing for the bears on or around Moon Bear Day, an annual event held on August 8 to mark the founding of Animals Asia. This Moon Bear Day Animals Asia will be entering our 25th year, so if you have an idea for a fundraiser, there’s no better time to get started and really raise the bar!

How do I get involved?

We’re so glad you asked! If you’d like to help raise awareness and support from your friends, family and colleagues, you can set up your very own fundraising event in the UK or Europe, Australia or Asia

For information, advice and support contact our super-friendly team on and they’ll be happy to help!

Our supporters truly are the backbone of Animals Asia and we wouldn’t be on the verge of ending bear bile farming in Vietnam if it weren’t for you

From the bottom of all our hearts, and from all the bears you’ve saved and will save… Thank You. Together, we will make sure there’s No Bear Left Behind.