“All life on earth is equal”: China Vet training programme expands with animal welfare at its heart

28 February 2019


Chinese veterinary students spent two weeks at Animals Asia’s sanctuary learning about animal welfare principles which will improve animal lives.

Since 2014, Animals Asia has welcomed veterinary students from the China Agricultural University (CAU) to their China Bear Rescue Centre (CBRC) for training in practical veterinary care and animal welfare.

This year, the programme doubled in size welcoming ten students for two weeks of learning including medication preparation, bear observations, enclosure enrichment, small animal surgery, presentations, case study analysis and moon bear health checks.

The fortnight of learning left a lasting impression on the next generation of Chinese vets with many highlighting the principles of animal welfare as a key part of their future careers.

Liu Jin Xing

“I really appreciated the chance to reap so much from this experience. Not only the clinical skills about diagnosis, treatment, feeding and management of wild animals like Asian black bears, but also the awareness of animal welfare – as well as genuine friendships.

“This was a precious and unforgettable experience that has changed my life.

“All life on earth is equal, I hope I can always be rescuing animals just as they do at CBRC, regardless of species or resistance.”


Tang Qi Yu

“Animals Asia’s sanctuary is a wonderful place to gain professional veterinary expertise in the fields of small and even wild animals. I learned that not only should we be diligent in the care of our patients, but also dedicated and devoted to providing animals with a warm home.”

Zheng Fang Yu

“My time at the sanctuary taught me why we work in veterinary care – and the answer is love and responsibility. I learned to care more about animals and the environment we are living in, not just human beings. I will treasure this special experience my whole life, and the principles I learned will always guide me to achieve my dreams.”

Hu Na Na

“Thank you to the veterinarians, veterinary nurses and all the staff of Animals Asia’s Chengdu sanctuary. Here, I not only gained a lot of professional knowledge, but also realised the power of love.

“Thank you for teaching me to work for love and to be gentle with all animals. With more selfless dedication, people and animals will live more harmoniously. I hope I can pass on my compassion to others, study hard and benefit more animals in the future.”


Sun Yue

“Through the internship, I learned a lot of professional knowledge and treatment procedures of bears, and realised the importance of animal welfare.

“When rescuing moon bears, Animals Asia tries to provide them with as comfortable a life as possible, so that they can live in peace for the rest of their days.

“Many details in the work reflect animal welfare, which is always considered from the perspective of animal. Animals Asia is a very loving organisation and I feel very honored and delighted to have worked here.” 

Jiang Wu Yan

“Everyone at Animals Asia’s sanctuary taught me about animal welfare through their example. They took the physiological and psychological needs of the animals into account in every situation.

“I greatly appreciated this unforgettable experience. I will try my best to be a good veterinarian and pass animal welfare awareness to those around me.”

Xiang Ya Di

“How time flies! Although the two-week internship is over, the wonderful experience still resonates and has affected me a lot.

“At CBRC, I learned about wildlife medicine from veterinarians, nurses and other volunteers from all over the world. We were given great help with anesthesia and surgical skills and were able to successfully carry out small animal surgeries.

“Although it was exhausting to stay up late completing case studies and presentations, I enjoyed studying hard, and have learned skills which will help me care for animals long into the future.”

Animals Asia’s China Bear Rescue Centre was opened in 2000. It is accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and is still the only rescue centre for bears in China. To date, the sanctuary has rescued 286 bears from the bear bile industry.