A ray of hope for millions of stray cats and dogs at risk of cruelty in China

17 August 2018

Millions of stray cats and dogs are at risk of cruelty on China’s streets, but by working together, we can end their suffering.

Millions of stray dogs and cats live on China's streets. Some are abandoned companion animals, left to fend for themselves after being dumped by their owners, but the majority were born on the streets, the result of un-checked breeding.

These animals face a bleak future – falling prey to disease and hunger, at risk of being brutally killed in organised culls or, worse still, destined for a horrific death at the hands of the meat industry.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Each of these animals deserves so much better – and there is hope for them.

A huge problem which can be fixed

Since 2007, Animals Asia has worked with the Chinese government and local groups in 67 cities across China.

The charity gives advice and practical guidance to the cities’ dog ownership management authorities, as well as funding improvements to shelters. 

As a direct result of this groundbreaking work, many provinces have ditched cruel culls and set up humane population control such as public education for responsible cat and dog owners and Trap, Neuter, Return programmes  for stray cats to prevent over-breeding.

The shelters for their part have been able to drastically improve the number of dogs they can take in, the level of care they can provide and, most importantly, the number of animals for whom they can find forever homes.

Most stray animal shelters in China struggle to survive. Nearly every penny is spent on daily food and medical care for the animals. Little is left to improve facilities, leaving many rescued strays in near squalid conditions.

These conditions contribute to poor health and also detract from an animal’s chances of being rehomed – the ultimate goal of all reputable shelters. 

But once shelters have the facilities and the expertise, the animals can benefit.

Take Simba for example. She was rescued as a tiny kitten when a mother and son noticed a cloud of flies above a field of wild grass. They looked closer and were shocked to find a one-month old kitten with wounds infested with maggots.

They immediately called Heifei Canine Union for help who took Simba to the vet and raised funds for her healthcare online.

From such awful beginnings, Simba has blossomed into a gorgeous adult cat. Today she lives happily with her guardian and new cat-sibling in their forever home in Anhui province.

Simba is just one of thousands of animals who has benefited.

In the last four years, Animals Asia’s work with strays has improved the lives of nearly 27,000 dogs and cats.

Animals Asia Cat and Dog Welfare Director Irene Feng said:

“The scale of the suffering in China is immense. There are so many cats and dogs at risk of cruelty on the streets that the numbers can seem insurmountable. But we’re proving the issue can be overcome. 

“By harnessing the country’s army of animal lovers, giving them the skills and the tools, and working with government on the ‘big picture’ changes, we can help an exceptional number of stray cats and dogs. Ultimately, we’re aiming for a future without strays and we’re working holistically on all the issues and with all the stakeholders to realise that goal.” 

A gift from you today, large or small, could help lost souls like Simba get the help and care they desperately need.

Please, will you send a gift to Asia’s most desperate animals today?