5 ways YOU can help end cruel exploitation for this sun bear family

27 October 2017

Sun bear Ajib and her young cub Marsha are being forced to hug and pose for photos with tourists in Indonesia – here’s how we end it.

1)   Sign and share

The more people that know about the cruel treatment of animals for the sake of a selfie, the better our chances of ending it.

Public pressure can make a real difference in convincing the True Bali Experience that sun bears like Ajib and Marsha deserve a better life. As a business which relies on customers from the likes of Australia, Britain and the U.S., we have it in our power to make them take notice.

Animals Asia is ready to work with camp managers to improve the welfare of the bears, including advice on ensuring they have the space, diet and stimulation they need.

But first we must stop these daily interactions with tourists. Please sign our petition and share it with your friends and family. You could also sign up to our Animals Asia page and we’ll keep you up-to-date on ways to help, petitions to sign and news of our progress.

2)   Review them online

Reviews and ratings matter for businesses like the True Bali Experience elephant camp. If you feel sickened by the exploitation of the bears, you could use Tripadvisor and Facebook to voice your concerns.

Many tourists look to these sites for recommendations before visiting an attraction. We need them to know the true cost of a “good time”  at this facility is a lifetime of suffering for Marsha and Ajib.

3)   Write a letter to your Indonesian embassy

Animals Asia never underestimates the power of the written word, and while a single letter or email may seem insignificant, the collective expression of many people's opinions can help bring about lasting change.

We know this because it has worked in the past. In February this year, concerted letter-writing to Indonesian embassies around the world forced the government to take action to help sun bears in the country’s Bandung Zoo.

If it worked once, it can work again.

We urge you to do all that you can to encourage the Indonesian government to further legislate against allowing animals to be used as props in tourist selfies.

Write a polite letter to the Indonesian Ambassador and send it to the main embassy address in your country. Embassy addresses can be found here.

4)   Donate

Without the generosity of our incredible supporters, Animals Asia would struggle to promote better welfare for the thousands of bears, elephants, dolphins, cats, dogs and other animals that are exploited every day.

With your support, we have been able to put an end to animal performances in various zoos, circuses and other tourist attractions across Asia and we won’t give up until the cruelty ends.

In 2016, Hanoi Zoo closed its animal circus two years after Animals Asia started providing welfare advice and practical support to improve the lives of the animals there. While in China, more than a dozen zoos ended their animal circuses after a 2010 expose by Animals Asia resulted in a government directive against the practice.

Please donate to help us to continue our work.

5)   Take the pledge never to fund animal exploitation for entertainment

No animal ever chose to be in an entertainment park or agreed to be manhandled for hours on end by strangers posing for a photo. Unlike performing animals, you have a choice.

Take our pledge never to watch an animal performance and tell everyone you know to do the same.