120 dogs saved as Chinese police bust dog meat gang and accept help to care for the canines

19 October 2018

Animals Asia and local welfare groups are working with the authorities to care for 120 dogs after police bust an illegal dog meat racket.

Last week, police in Chengdu, China raided a location in Xindu district where meat traders were illegally holding 120 dogs without proof of origin.

With over 100 animals to care for, the authorities turned to local welfare charity Sichuan Qiming Small Animal Protection Center for help.

The group will now care for the dogs with Animals Asia providing vital materials including food, medicine and bedding.

A great number of the dogs are clearly stolen companion animals, with many still wearing their collars. Already two dogs have been reunited with their human families.

Animals Asia Cat and Dog Welfare Director Irene Feng said:

“We have to thank the police for their excellent work cracking down on a brutal gang suspected of stealing companion animals from loving homes. All the dogs are safe, and thanks to the authorities’ willingness to collaborate, local groups can now work on what they do best – caring for the animals and helping them find their original guardians.”

The dogs have all been vaccinated by Qiming and work has begun to reunite as many dogs as possible with their families. Once the legal case has concluded – which could take up to six months – any remaining dogs will be put up for adoption.

Dogs were vaccinated

Animals Asia Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

“This has been the best possible outcome for the dogs after the horror they have been through. It’s a testament to the local authorities’ proactive stance against illegality, their compassion to help the dogs and their willingness to work with local organisations. By offering our help and working together, we can work much more effectively and more humanely with a better outcome for everyone.”

A carer is cleaning floor where dogs stay

The number of animal welfare organisations in China has rocketed in the last decade. In 2006, there were just 30 domestic welfare groups, while today more than 200 are working to help animals in need.

Animals Asia currently funds or mentors and astonishing 60% of all China’s local animal welfare organisations.

The charity also works with authorities across the country encouraging local governments to work with animal welfare groups to develop advanced, humane, science-based policies governing legal guardians and departments in charge of stray populations.

To date, more than 523 officials from 51 cities across the country have attended Animals Asia’s Dog Ownership Management Symposium – covering every single principality in China, and 65% of all provincial capitals.

Officer Li from Chengdu Dog Ownership Management Office addresses the symposium

Qiming have attended five of Animals Asia’s Dog Ownership Management Symposiums and the two organisations have a long history of collaboration going back a decade.

The two groups have worked together to care for animals after earthquakes in 2008 and 2013, while Animals Asia has donated materials such as vaccines and food on numerous occasions over the past 10 years as well as providing funding to improve Qiming’s shelter infrastructure.