10 years, 186 bears saved: celebrating a decade of bear rescues in Vietnam

07 July 2017

Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary is 10 years old – as part of celebrations all donations to our sanctuaries appeal will be doubled until 15 July.

Since becoming home to the first group of rescued bears, Mara, Mausi and Olly back in 2007, Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre has provided sanctuary and new lives to 186 bears – mostly rescued from the horror of bear bile farming.

As part of celebrations to mark the anniversary, all donations to the appeal received before July 15 will be doubled – thanks to the generous offer of a group of donors.

Animals Asia is proud of its achievements over the last decade but every single step forward was only made possible by the kind support of animal lovers from around the world.

Donate to Animals Asia today and here are some examples of how you can expect your money to be spent: 

186 bears rescued – with 170 still living on site:

Since 2007, the facility has become home to 186 bears who desperately needed our help. These poor bears had suffered enormously – either at the hands of bear bile farmers, or poachers – and required extensive rehabilitation.

Many were damaged for life, but at the sanctuary they all had a second chance – to finally be free of a cage, to play, forage and express natural behaviours while feeling the grass under their paws as nature intended.

Jenoe plays with a puzzle ball 3

Keeping bears healthy, happy and active

Quality of life is vitally important and we ensure every bear rescued is free of pain and their health monitored to ensure they do not suffer. Each bear receives a health check by our onsite veterinary team every two or three years, to ensure they’re in the best health with extra checks scheduled if problems are spotted.

The amazing vets and nurses performed 111 health checks at the sanctuary last year, while the bears were visually monitored for signs of ill-health by 42 sanctuary workers for 69,000 hours in 2016 alone.

Veterinary Surgeon Weng Yan Ng doing health check for Kaffe 3

Building world-class care

Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary is built to the highest international standards to ensure both the welfare of the bears – and the safety of surrounding communities.

Since construction first began in 2006, Animals Asia has built five double bear houses, a cub house, a quarantine area, a hospital, an education centre and a small animal clinic to raise awareness of animal welfare and responsible companion animal ownership in surrounding communities.

With the completion of the fifth double bear house in 2017, Animals Asia met its commitment to the Vietnamese government and ensured the facility could house up to 200 rescued bears – providing hope for those still suffering on farms.


Educating the next generation of animal lovers:

In 2016 alone, more than 4,892 people visited VBRC, including 2,308 students from 41 Universities and schools. 1,045 of those visitors participated in presentations on bear protection at the schools and universities they came from.

The rise of bear bile farming in Vietnam was fuelled by a combination of poverty and a lack of awareness about animal welfare. With consistent education to the widest possible audience, we can ensure the next generation confines the cruel trade to the history books.

Around 1,000 bears continue to languish on bear bile farms in Vietnam. Your support can ensure they have the sanctuary they so desperately need. Support Animals Asia today to build a better future for animals in need.