One life: In honour of Professor Tom Regan - a founding father of Animal Rights

30 November 2020

Tom Regan was an American philosopher who specialized in animal rights theory and authored the ground-breaking rights-based book, The Case for Animal Rights, written in 1983.

As a great friend and advocate of all animals and a close friend to Animals Asia, on this day - the 28th November - Tom’s birthday, we celebrate his work and his important and influential philosophy.

Professor Regan stood shoulder to shoulder with every single individual animal on this planet and consistently advocated on their behalf in the face of those that choose to use and in many cases abuse them for food, entertainment and research. 

Never before have all animals had such a voice, and we owe it to Professor Regan and the animals to continue his work in advocating on their behalf and liberating those that are held against their own will for our personal gain.

2019 article provides an insightful quote from Prof Regan stating ‘We do not give rights to individuals. Rather, we discover they had rights all along’.

Such insight comes from a place of deep and thorough understanding about the individuality of animals and their desire to live their own lives free from such suffering, and in ways that allow them to make their own personal choices just as we do.

Professor Regan advocated with conviction and with compassion and understanding. Today is a day to celebrate the life of one of the leading and most influential voices in the animal rights movement.

For details of Professor Regan’s illustrious and celebrated career and his impact on the lives of animals see this link on the  Culture and Animals Foundation website, an organisation founded by Tom and his wife, Nancy.

"All animals are somebody… someone with a life of their own. Behind those eyes is a story of their life in their world as they experience it."

Tom Regan (1938-2017)

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