Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving

Easy and effective

Payroll giving is an easy way for companies and employees to make regular charitable donations by deducting mutually agreed contributions automatically through their payroll system. Payroll deductions are optional and in many countries these contributions are tax deductable.

Encouraging and enabling employees to donate to Animals Asia through payroll deduction is one of the simplest methods of supporting our work and fostering a sense of community and common purpose in your team.

Support animal welfare in Asia

Payroll giving is also a cost effective and secure way of providing us with a stable source of income to ensure that our programmes are sustainable.


You can support Animals Asia’s work to help suffering animals by having contributions deducted automatically from your salary. All you need to do is decide how much you want to give and ask your employer for the necessary forms.

Company heads

Boost staff morale and your company’s corporate social responsibility by participating in a payroll giving scheme.

Setting up a payroll giving scheme for your staff is easy – it’s also a great way for your company to support our work.


Ask your human resources department, or email Animals Asia at [email protected].