Animals Asia exposes French supermarket giant, Carrefour – which has over 10,000 stores across Europe – for selling dog meat products in China.

Animals Asia* first urged Carrefour to remove dog meat from its shelves in 2012. Yet despite Carrefour's promise to do so, the latest follow-up in May 2017, discovered two branches in the Chinese city of Xuzhou with dog meat products openly on sale, including 'turtle-juiced dog meat'.

In China, dogs and cats, many of them family pets, are snatched from the streets, forced into tiny cages, and transported long distances without food or water. When they arrive at China's notorious meat markets, they are then slaughtered in the most appalling ways.

We've given Carrefour every opportunity to stop selling dog meat, but instead they have continued to profit from this cruelty. No doubt this will come as a shock to their millions of customers in Europe and beyond.

Dog Meat

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*Work in China is carried out by Ya Dong, a consulting company wholly owned and advised by Animals Asia.