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Today we are 18!

With our thanks and endless gratitude to friends and supporters across the globe for staying with us through good times and bad, and for being the champions of countless animals across Asia.

caged bear 1

Animals Asia was launched on a beautiful summer’s day in Hong Kong on 8/8/98 - the date chosen to include the most auspicious number 8 for prosperity and fortune, and another auspicious number 9, symbolising long-lasting and harmony.

happy bear 1

Our promise today is as true as it was then – to help victims of cruel captivity, to work until the very last bear farm has closed, and until dogs and cats can be celebrated as our friends, not food.

To Zhai

Founded on the principle that by helping individuals we help the species as a whole, our sanctuaries in China and Vietnam are bursting with happy, healthy bears who are the most perfect ambassadors of forgiveness and hope.

Kevin before and after

The spotlight continues to shine on captive animals as we campaign and educate for improvement in their miserable lives, through staff support and training in local animal parks and zoos, enhancing enclosures and enriching lives, while continuing to lobby against animal entertainment.

elephants Hanoi zoo Our Cat and Dog Welfare programme works with governments, local groups and communities in Asia, seeing unprecedented development of compassion and progress for our four-legged best friends.

Muppet before and after

dd collageAs we come of age today, our thanks – so very gratefully to you all – for the years of carrying the bears, dogs, cats and captive animals in your hearts......until the cruelty ends.

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