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Yang Li gets both bears’ and people’s vote

Just recently, one of our Bear Team leaders, Yang Li, was trailed on site by a local reporter who was writing stories about special people in Chengdu. The newspaper then asked readers to vote for the most deserving person.

Readers were so moved by Yang Li's story and how she cared for the bears that they voted her the "Power of Chengdu" out of 18 other candidates.

Bear Manager Heidi speaks glowingly of Yang Li, saying that she knows her job inside out and makes sure the bears get the very best of care, suggesting changes in day-to-day management and husbandry. Yang Li makes it her business to know the bears’ characters inside out too, understanding their individual personalities, and working closely with Heidi in terms of daily care and integration with other bears.

Bears Katie and Mac, rescued early this year, are under Yang Li's management, and she guided them through the challenging times of outdoor integration with bears they had never been socialised with before. Yang Li’s gentle, professional approach meant these understandably nervous bears were soon feeling secure in the larger group – and before long were making new buddies in the enclosure of House 9 and 10.

Heidi, praises Yang Li for being great with the team and a natural leader, who listens carefully too. She says Yang Li is also a character with a “wicked sense of humour” who loves to laugh and joke with the rest of the team during breaks.

Huge congratulations Yang Li – you've done Animals Asia and the bears proud with all you do to help them. Now your efforts are helping the bears in a wider sense too, with your story gaining the support of the public, spreading the message further afield, and bringing us closer to the day when bear bile farming will end forever.

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