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Two women – one hope

Just a quick update on the visit to the sanctuary by Madam Yang Baijin, the new Secretary General of the China Wildlife Conservation Association. Madam Yang – accompanied by Mr Li Qingwen, Vice Secretary General of the CWCA – flew from Beijing on Friday at our request to see for herself the appalling state in which the 28 bears arrived.

The head of the Wildife Protection Department under the Sichuan Forestry, Madam Xiong Beirong (pictured right), who had also visited earlier last week, joined Madam Yang (left). Both were shocked by what they saw and promised to take their concerns to a higher level. 

It was Madam Xiong who helped us secure the release of these bears after lengthy negotiations; she also named one of the new arrivals “Qiang Sheng” (strong life) when he had his initial health check.

But on Friday, she had to turn away when we showed her photos of the terrible injuries suffered by the bears we had euthanised. We are convinced that as individuals, these two women genuinely want to see the end of this brutal trade. We just hope someone listens to their pleas.

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