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Bless the animals – every one

Last Sunday turned out to be a rather special day after Eddie and I were invited to join and speak at a family pet service at the Resurrection Church in Sai Kung, Hong Kong.

Peter Hurricks, the Pastor of the Church (seen in picture holding one very chilled out cat) had held a similar service last year, which was so popular with his parishioners that he decided to hold the event again. The room was packed – with a two and four legged congregation giving thanks for animals that help us in so many different ways.

With doctors and vets there too, I was glad to have papers backing the science of animal therapy when talking about the reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels we were all enjoying as a result of Eddie and the dogs (and Sam the cat) in our midst.

The delighted children were, of course, in no doubt about the feel good factor of sharing their morning with unique and loving doctors, wagging their way into their hearts.

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