Dog Devotion Awards, Part III – Fur fallacies

The day was perfect - and only marred by seeing so many people wearing fur. So much so, that I couldn’t help asking one volunteer, Eliza Leung, if she knew that the trim around her hood was real. Initially, she couldn’t believe it was true because it had been so cheap to buy – and she willingly offered to throw it away. 

This was the cue we needed and, with her kind offer, Marnie found a lighter and we lit the fur, which sizzled and burned and smelled – just like human hair. Eliza was shocked as the media recorded her horror and the burning fur, and so the message goes on.

Fur trim is as cheap as chips, which is why it's available everywhere. You see it on collars, hoods and cuffs, on hair bands, mobile phone accessories and funny animal ornaments – everywhere. And always the story is the same, with the buyers being mortified that it’s real – and could be fox, mink, dog, cat or rabbit. 

Eliza’s face dropped as she hugged her gorgeous Dr Dog, Win Win, and registered that someone else’s beloved dog could have contributed to her fur accessory.

So, this is our perfect opportunity - now when you’re buying gifts during the Christmas season - if in doubt, don't. Please don't buy fur – or anything that looks like it - and let the shop keeper know why. One day they'll get the message, stop keeping it in stock and less fur bearing animals will die for our vanity or ignorance.

PS: We had so many media on site in Chengdu recently - especially when gorgeous Jingle Bear was on the table having her health-check. Suddenly, there we saw two journalists wearing fur trim around their hood and collar and of course what else could Rainbow and I do but talk with them and ask if they knew it was real. They both said they thought it was fake - just as Eliza had in Hong Kong - and kindly agreed to take off the trim and burn in it protest against wearing fur!

Please join us and spread the word to end a fad that has such horrific consequences for the fur-bearing animals who have died in agony for something we don't need to wear. Don't buy or wear fur - the message is simple - but means the world to the animals who suffer and die for our vanity. 

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