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Dog Devotion Awards, Part II – For the love of dogs

The Dr Dog Devotion Awards day in Hong Kong so stormingly organised by a few of our dedicated Hong Kong team was the perfect example of the community coming together for the love of dogs (and cats). Great job Marnie (pictured with me here), Cassy (next pic, on right), Jasmine and Claire (pictured below on stage with the kids) and Edwina and Tele! 

With the kind help of the managers of Olympian City II, who opened the doors of their outside piazza, we had over 200 volunteers, media, friends and supporters celebrating the irreplaceable link between dogs and people.

There, wearing their protective flame-proof booties, were the fire services dogs. They were joined by the heroes of the customs drug detection dogs, police services and the food detection sniffer dogs.

Volunteers streamed in with newly bathed and shining Dr Dogs and Professor Paws, together with youngsters from the Ma On Shan Ling Liang Primary School, who bravely ventured on to the stage to sing the now-famous Animals Asia Pet Cadet Song!

The day was glorious – clear blue skies and sunshine, and lots of laughter and clapping as all the recipients proudly took to the stage to receive their awards. Long service, professional, devotion, outstanding dogs, teachers and volunteers, until finally the saddest moment of the day – the posthumous Dr Dog awards. 

Well we knew it would be difficult, but nothing prepared me for the emotion felt when our volunteers stood in front of the audience - without their beloved dogs by their side - and accepted their awards. Janice (pictured with me here) accepted hers in memory of Dr Toby, as did Doris for Dr Audi and Annie for another Dr Toby and not a dry eye in the house as they sadly left the stage.

Memories of losing Max, our first Dr Dog who began the programme in 1991, came flooding back and we were united in grief.

Thank you all for the difference you have made and for everything you and your very special dogs have done for their species and for the community – gone but never forgotten, as their legacy lives on.

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