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Like Freedom feels….

Being on swine flu lockdown at least had the upside of catching up on the backlog of emails, and enjoying the bears out in the sanctuary (once the authorities had released me from room to sanctuary quarantine).

Just lately, I’ve discovered the “new” technology (for me) of an iPod, which my sister Anne bought and uploaded with some of my favourite tunes.

On a glorious Sunday afternoon, I stood on the roof of House 5 looking down at Freedom – missing both of her front paws – and coincidentally had Elton John playing “The One” at full blast in my headphones.

As she sat in her swimming pool gently spinning a wooden log in the water with her stumpy front legs and blinked up at me with the sunshine sparkling on her fur, Elton’s lyrics “like freedom feels when wild horses run” was never more apt. And once again, I knew why we are here.

Of course I didn't have my camera to hand – but here is another stunning picture of Freedom by “her” pool to set the scene:

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