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Merry Christmas – Part II

With the bears having enjoyed some holiday cheer, this second blog is to pay tribute to the people who care for them, and to our staff in the offices in China, Vietnam and HQ in Hong Kong, and to our country staff in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia.

My mind boggles that although we’re technically a “small” NGO (non-government organisation). Our team is growing into the size of a small army. It’s not just the personnel required to look after the sanctuaries and bears, but our tireless staff across the world who spread the word, raise desperately needed funds to care for the bears and accelerate our programmes to help dogs and cats in a million different ways.

This would be the time I'd send them a little Christmas email with all the thanks in the world for their quiet dedication and determination. But today, I'd like to thank them all, loud and proud, for what is truly the best team in the world.

They work like Trojans, every one, and give people who generously support our projects the confidence of knowing that their faith is well placed, and their funds are well spent. To you all – our family Animals Asia – you do us proud.

Our US Director, Alice Ng, and staff members Morgan Lance and Laura Hoover:

Our Australian Director Anne Lloyd-Jones with staff, April Poon, then Kerri, Helga and Jude:

Our German Director Christa Filipowicz with China Relations Director Christie Yang, and below Chee Meng and Christine:

Our UK Director Dave Neale, with Eileen, Gill, Lara and Sue and (below) Nicky with Treacle and Loki and Fiona with Missie:

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