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And “Pi” makes three

It's Sunday morning and we are just about to head off on our latest trip to Dujiangyiang to help the dogs in the area, but first let me tell you about “Pi” the puppy, the newest member of our family. This little mite was rescued from the River Pi (pronounced Pea) yesterday by our lovely security staff who heard him yelping, then saw him struggling into the reeds by the water. 

They quickly radioed through to Eric (our translator), who rushed to the river. Eric was worried that the pup might bite because he was so terrified, so he promptly whipped off his T-shirt and threw it down to one of the guards, who scooped him up in it and handed him up to us standing on the bank.

Skinny, dehydrated and mangy (no fur!) we think he may have come from a quake-affected area; he’s not the cutest puppy on the planet, but he’s already worked his way into our hearts with his big brown eyes.

Pi, together with little Quake and Tremor, who came home with us from the devastation of Anxian last weekend are a godsend for staff at the sanctuary. With so much suffering and grief all around, these three little bundles of joy are truly lifting spirits and bringing smiles to weary faces.

Tremor endeared himself to everyone on the trip back from Anxian when he went to the front of the coach to help “drive”, peering out the windscreen and wagging his tail – this is one little guy that knows when he’s on to a good thing!

Sorry, no photo of Pi yet - will post one soon - but I thought you’d enjoy these two pics of Tremor and Quake taken by Donata.

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