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#Moonbearmonday – The bear behind the mask

26 May 2014

mystery bear

So who is this masked moon bear?

Well, he arrived at our Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre way back in 2007 having been discovered in a secret compartment under a passenger bus travelling from Laos to Vietnam. 

That dirty, starving and traumatised cub has been with us ever since – blissfully unaware of the fate that was so nearly his.

He’s been best pals with Mausi for as long as anyone can remember, and is well known for being a friendly bear who loves wrestling with Mischa.

In fact our masked bear and Mischa are getting quite a reputation for mischief, thanks to their passion for climbing trees which are not supposed to be climbed and breaking sanctuary equipment with their over-vigorous play.

If our mystery bear wasn’t playing peekaboo while hiding in a hessian sack, you’d be able to see his loose-skinned wrinkly forehead giving him a permanently puzzled expression. His large ears that flop out sideways when he’s relaxed add to his often befuddled appearance – and of course, his enduring charm.

So who is this mild mannered but slightly destructive moon bear?

It’s Olly!