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#moonbearmonday: Kevin's having a ball

27 January 2014

Kevin the moon bear has a ball

Happy Moon Bear Monday!

This week moon bear Kevin is having a ball.

While other bears are starting to slow down for the winter hibernation period, Kevin seems intent on playing games.

But then Kevin’s always been a particularly gregarious animal.

Bear  and Vet Team Director for China, Nicola Field’s remembers Kevin arriving at the sanctuary back in 2006:

“Kevin was one of the bears among the first rescue that I witnessed as a volunteer. He has always been a big character with lots of charisma. He is a bear that enjoys playing, climbing and wrestling with his friends, like blind-buddies Mityan and Sepp or three-legged Chance.”

A dab hand at overcoming adversity, Kevin has even been known to defy the bamboo tree protectors and scale the trees, and that’s despite only having three legs.

Upon arrival at the sanctuary, Kevin was in a bad way. He’d lost a paw, probably from being caught in a snare, and arrived in great pain as a result of complications caused by him having his bile extracted over a long period of time.

But today, eight years later, this friendly bear is head over heels.

Have a great  Moon Bear Monday everyone!

Kevin tries biting the ball

Kevin grabs the bit by the teeth

Kevin says roll over!

Kevin is flat out

Kevin is all tuckered out