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#Moonbearmonday - Milly’s plea for help

03 June 2014


Milly urgently needs your help. Having languished on a bear bile farm, Milly suffers from a series of ailments both physical and psychological.

She lives in Shed 3, Unit B3. Her days spent moving from a barren windowless courtyard to a tiny feeding cage. A lifetime of indifference and a complete lack of veterinary care has left Milly in serious pain.

Currently, the claw on her right hind-paw has grown deep into her foot-pad where it has become infected making every step excruciatingly painful.

Her lower canines appear to be fractured, and an unknown wound on her lower back, now healed over, was previously leaking fluid and requires medical attention.

Her monotonous existence also appears to have caused Milly to become severely depressed.

Animals Asia Senior Bear Manager Heidi Quine said:

“Milly is depressed, or at the very least a very, very quiet bear. She eats all her food but doesn’t seem to prefer one type over another – she’s indifferent to it all. The bear farm has no record keeping so it isn't known at this stage if Milly was part of the farm’s breeding programme, or even how long she's been here. Certainly, long enough to have been seriously affected by the conditions.”

Luckily for Milly, relief is at hand. This week a team of vets from Animals Asia’s Chengdu Bear Rescue Centre is travelling to Nanning to relieve the pain of Milly and six other bears like her.

Over the course of three days the vet team will ease the suffering for the seven bears identified as having the most painful injuries, while the future will see medical care extended to all the bears in need.

To do so, we – and Milly – need your help. 

Please donate now to allow these bears to get the urgent pain relief treatment they so desperately need.

This is the week Milly’s life changes forever. This can have a happy ending.

Make this a happy moon bear Monday for Milly.