VIDEO: These two abused bears didn’t know how to play, but worked it out together, in the cutest way

29 May 2017

After a decade caged side-by-side on a bear bile farm, Bazan and Wendles are finally able to play – in a style all of their own.

Less than two months after being freed from a lifetime of suffering on a bear bile farm, moon bears Bazan and Wendles could not be happier.

They have been together for the longest time – side-by-side in metal cages, unable to touch, play and be together.

Now, they are making up for lost time and it is beautiful.

Wendles resting

Animals Asia Bear Manager Sarah van Herpt said:

“I am so proud of these two girls – in such a short time they have learned how to play. It wasn’t conventional by any means, but they clearly loved every second of it.

“The moment they were introduced and began playing for the first time was one of my happiest moments. The whole team and I were laughing with delight as Bazan and Wendles worked out how to play and took great joy in practising.”

When they first met, they came together immediately and sniffed each other before realising they had no idea what to do.

Baz and wendles playing

Sarah said:

“While each bear is different and it’s difficult to predict what type of play will begin when they meet, often they start with friendly wrestling. But Bazan and Wendles began by standing up on their hind legs and waving their paws at each other – which I have never seen before.”

After a few tentative touches in that unusual position, an entire day of joyous bouncing, jumping, running and wrestling began in earnest.

Wendles exploring

But things still weren’t quite as expected.

Wendles was taking great joy in jumping and landing flat on top of Bazan – who seemed perplexed but amused by her friend’s behaviour, and even tried doing the same back.

The duo then began a new game. One bear would run at the other, who would roll over backwards allowing them to tussle on the ground before switching places and trying again.

Baz and wendles playing

Sarah said:

“Their behaviour was so sweet – while the other moon bears will often roll and wrestle I can’t recall seeing any other bears taking turns in this way.  It was up there with the cutest moon bear moment I have ever had the pleasure to see.

“They played everywhere – all over the dens, in the baskets, on the platforms, non-stop until they were both exhausted. It was one of the most heartwarming things I have ever seen and I wish these gorgeous friends very many happy years playing together.

Bazan resting