Three more regions in Indonesia go dog meat free

26 March 2022

Animals Asia is thrilled that a further three areas in Central Java, Indonesia, have banned the sale and consumption of dog meat.

The Semarang, Blora and Brebes Regencies join Karanganyar, Sukoharjo, Salatiga and Semarang in pledging to end the cruel and dangerous industry which inhumanely kills thousands of dogs in terrible conditions every year. 

The Dog Meat Free Indonesia (DMFI) coalition, of which Animals Asia is a member, has seen groundbreaking progress in Central Java in recent years from a tireless campaign to highlight the risks of trading and consuming dog meat. 

A celebration of progress and a call to action

Earlier this month, DMFI held an awards ceremony to celebrate the progress that has been made in Central Java in taking progressive and strong measures to tackle the dog meat trade and call on others to follow their example.

Dave Neale, Animals Asia Animal Welfare Director said, "DMFI’s approach of working in collaboration with local and national authorities has paved the way for a dog meat-free Indonesia. We are hopeful that the recent successes in Central Java will mean that before long, we’ll see a dog meat ban across the whole country and we remain committed to this work until the industry ends forever."

The DMFI is currently seeking meetings with the Central government to end the dog meat industry across the whole of Indonesia.

Changing attitudes towards dog meat:

  • Globally we are seeing an intolerance to animal cruelty, particularly the dog and cat dog meat trades. 

  • Across Asia, opposition to the dog and cat meat trades is increasing, with an ever-growing number of countries and territories (Taiwan, Hong Kong SAR, the Philippines, Thailand and two major cities in mainland China) banning the slaughter, sale and consumption of dogs. 

  • In September 2021, South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in suggested it could be time to consider a dog meat ban, and announced that his cabinet will meet to discuss the issue.

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