This bear survived a bear bile farm – now nothing is out of reach

08 June 2015

Happy #MoonBearMonday everyone!

Animals have a lot to teach us and none more so than the bears recovering at Animals Asia’s sanctuaries having been rescued from the bile industry.

It’s hard to begin imagine a year in a cage, never mind five, ten or twenty. It’s hard to fathom the stoicism and strength required just to keep your body and mind alive. To hope that one day there might be an end to it.

And then, once rescued, to evolve again as fun-loving, community-minded moon bears – at ease living alongside their rescuers. Seemingly capable of rehabilitation to the point where a good life is once more assured.

So a leaf that looks so good, that’s tantalisingly just out of reach, is no real obstacle. You can smell it. You can even taste it. Like being rescued. Like sanctuary life – it can and will be yours.

Dick being excited about reaching and tasting the leaf

Take a leaf out of moon bear Dick’s book this week and never ever give up.

We hope you all have a great #MoonBearMonday and a fantastic week.

NOTE: Each bear at Animals Asia’s sanctuary receives leafy browse every single day.  But it seems the leaves just out reach are always the sweetest.