Orphan bear cub ‘Bamboo’ rescued to Animals Asia’s sanctuary

02 June 2022

Earlier this week Animals Asia’s Vietnam rescue team was alerted to the plight of a tiny moon bear who had been found wandering around a residential garden alone and distressed. 

The garden was located in the region of Dien Bien which is on the border with Laos. This is where Wonder and Marvel, two cubs we rescued late last year, were also recovered from as they were being trafficked across the border.

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Heidi Quine, Bear and Vet Department Director who was at the rescue said, “sadly, we’ll never know what happened to this little one or how they came to be so far from home, but it’s extremely likely they were a victim of wildlife trafficking.”

Somehow, miraculously, the cub escaped and the person who found them called the Forest Protection Department, who immediately called Animals Asia.

Tuan Bendixsen, Animals Asia’s Vietnam Director said, “we’ve developed a strong relationship with the Forest Protection Department as they know that we provide world-class veterinary and holistic care for the rescued bears at our sanctuary.”

“We’re thankful to them for trusting us with the cub, and alerting us so quickly.”

Our rescue team leapt into action to prepare for the journey to Dien Bien which is around a 12-hour drive from our sanctuary in Tam Dao. Earlier today the team arrived safely back with the cub, who we’ve nicknamed ‘Bamboo’.

Lý Mai Hân, Junior Veterinary Surgeon explained the meaning behind the name, "we rescued the cub the day after Vietnam’s Children’s Day, and bamboo shoots - or, ‘baby bamboo' - signifies new life, hope, and growth.”

Please, help Bamboo recover from their traumatic start and find joy again by donating below.

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