No Bear Left Behind: Animals Asia launches biggest ever campaign to rescue Vietnam’s last bile bears

15 May 2022

Save the Date: Friday 27 May!

Right now, Animals Asia is working towards something big, something that’s going to change the world for Asiatic Black bears in Vietnam on a scale that’s never been seen before. 

We’re in the final stages of ending an industry in Vietnam that has been pushing Asiatic black bears, or moon bears, to the edge of extinction – bear bile farming.

These bears are kept in tiny cages and their bile is regularly, painfully extracted for use in traditional medicine. It’s illegal. It’s unnecessary. And it’s about to end.

We’ve rescued hundreds of these beautiful bears to our sanctuary in Vietnam already - changing the welfare and conservation status of this magnificent wildlife species. Now, it’s time to finish the job. 

save the date

As part of our exclusive agreement with the Vietnamese government, we're about to break ground on a second Vietnam sanctuary which will be home to hundreds of bears that remain trapped on bile farms across the country. 

But, as Jill Robinson, Animals Asia founder and CEO said, “it is a huge undertaking, and one that we simply can’t do alone.”

“Our incredible supporters have brought us to this crucial point already, and have helped to save so many precious lives. We just need one final, collective, urgent push to see this sanctuary built and bring the last bears “home”.

Join us and a host of familiar faces on Friday May 27, 2022 from wherever you are in the world as we embark on our ground-breaking race to the finish line and celebrate the beginning of the end of bear bile farming in Vietnam… forever. 


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