#MoonBearMonday: Rescued bears know exactly how to deal with a heat wave – sleep and swim!

25 June 2018

With summer temperatures regularly reaching the high-30s, wrestling is out, while hammocks, swimming and sleeping in the shade are in.

Summers in Vietnam are swelteringly hot. With the mercury stuck in the high-30s for most of the season, the agony suffered by bears on farms is obvious. Trapped in tiny cages, they feel no breeze and don’t even have a supply of drinking water. They are helpless when the season switches.

But once rescued, all that changes. Rescued bears have constant access to drinking water as well as swimming pools and paddling pools to help them cool down.

Olly in a metal pool

If there is no breeze at ground level they can clamber up a climbing structure to feel the cooling wind on their fur, or if the sun is too fierce, they can find a cool shady spot on the grass.


Animals Asia Bear Manager Sarah van Herpt said:

“We all struggle to cope when the weather gets this hot, but the bears have no such problems. They wisely take a break from avoidable strenuous activities and spend most of their time finding cool spots.

“Luckily for them, we’ve made sure there are lots to choose from – whether it’s a hammock in the shade, a swimming pool or escaping the sun in the dens, they all manage to find somewhere to relax and wait out the heat.”

Mama is relaxing on a hammock

This June, bears like Vandrew and Helios chose to cool down by rolling on the grass, Olly splashed about in his paddling pool, Sharky, Parly and Layla climbed up to enjoy the breeze, while Grace fell asleep under a bridge, and Dream Mischa Tebs, Caz, Moggy and Sam retreated to the dens.

Vandrew and Helios play on the grassSam in a basket in the den

Temperatures are set to remain high in the north of Vietnam throughout June and July, but the bears will get a reprieve in August and September when the mercury is likely return to the low-30s.

If you would like to rescue bears from the cruelty of bear bile farming and give them happy, healthy new lives at one of Animals Asia’s sanctuaries, sponsor a bear today.