#MoonBearMonday – Post-Christmas edition

28 December 2015

In honour of Christmas, we’d like to tell a story of some very good bears who had a very special Christmas.

What a long day!

Each bear got a present,

Maggie felt like a nap,

Right now would be pleasant!

Bears excitedly open Christmas presents

Maggie said, “I spy with my little eye,

A hammock over there.

Higher than a carpet,

And more comfortable than a chair.”

Maggie takes a nap on the hammock

But Christmas fun is different for everyone.

Sharky and Helios indulged in bad behaviour,

Liking to rustle and tussle,

With zero regard for their neighbour!

Sharky and Hellios play with each other

And just when Maggie’s nap was going well

Angus started thinking the hammock looked swell,

The space next to Maggie perfect to dwell

Better suited for a moon bear than the finest hotel!

Angus (L) shares the hammock with Maggie (R)

And Vandrew had already claimed the swing,

Sitting high atop his box, looking like a king.

Bosley thought, “The wood shaving pile’s the thing!”

He was safe – it was clearly no wrestling ring.

Vandrew enjoys the swing as a King

In the end – as usual – all the bears got along,

In their home, where they are incapable of wrong.

As for us, we wish these happy days to be long,

And that our bears’ playful spirits remain very strong!

Bears play with each other