#MoonBearDay2019 is coming on August 8

26 July 2019

Global day of celebration established to raise awareness of the world’s most exploited bear species – here’s how you can get involved.

The Asiatic black bear – also known as the moon bear – is famously playful, but they are also the world’s most exploited bear species, abused on a mass scale for traditional medicine and the entertainment industry.

Having rescued over 600 bears in Vietnam and China, Animals Asia is at the heart of a global movement to end bear bile farming and circus exploitation of this endangered species.

Now the charity has established #MoonBearDay2019 to power global awareness of a species suffering extreme cruelty and vulnerable to extinction.

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Animals Asia Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

“We started Moon Bear Day in China last year and were blown away with the response. In a single day, millions of people who had never heard of moon bears or bear bile farming suddenly found out about the crisis going on around them. The reaction was profound. People fell in love instantly with this most playful of bear species, while also being sickened by how they are being harmed on an industrial scale.

“It’s vital that the world knows what is happening to these bears if we are to end their exploitation once and for all.”

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In 2018, #MoonBearDay reached 19 million people across China through a combination of live events and an online campaign.

Supporters ran, snowboarded, paraglided, cycled and climbed mountains for the bears, while superstar singer and actress Karen Mok lent her voice to the campaign.

Now, #MoonBearDay2019 is going global with events set to take place in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Italy, France, Germany, the UK, the USA and everywhere in between.

BEST - Coco (L), Sarah and Yogi (R)

How YOU can get involved:

1/ Social Media

Moon bear lovers around the world can join the global movement for compassion by adding the #MoonBearDay2019 frame to their Facebook profile. Click on your profile picture, then select “add frame” and search for #MoonBearDay2019.

2/ Host an event

Whatever you are doing on August 8, do it for the bears. Whether going for a walk, a run, or simply having friends over for dinner, download the official #MoonBearDay2019 flag and upload your pictures to social media with the hashtags #TodayIAmAMoonBear and #MoonBearDay2019 to let the world know you care.

3/ Donate

Every rescued bear is a lifelong commitment to provide that individual with decades of care. From safe, stimulating outdoor enclosures, to much needed health care and daily food and management, Animals Asia provides every rescued moon bear with all their needs. After all they’ve suffered it is the least they deserve. You can be part of these amazing bears’ wonderful new lives.

4/ Sign the pledge

Moon bears desperately need our help. They are the most playful, but also the most exploited bear on Earth and none of their suffering is necessary.

No bear should have to suffer endless bile extraction for traditional medicine or endure a lifetime of cruelty for a moment’s entertainment on a circus stage. 

Stand up against cruelty to moon bears, whether for traditional medicine or the entertainment industry. Sign the pledge to join the global movement against cruelty to moon bears and join thousands of #MoonBearHeroes pushing for change.