A week after the rescue of moon bear Paddington, Marmalade is rescued from another bile farm

29 September 2022

Where there’s a Paddington, there has to be Marmalade!

Just days after Paddington was brought safely home to Animals Asia’s sanctuary in Tam Dao, our rescue team received a call from the Hanoi Forest Protection Department about another bear who desperately needed rescuing. Again our rescue team jumped into action to ensure we could retrieve this poor soul from her cage in Long Bien as soon as possible. We’ve nicknamed this bear Marmalade after the sandwiches preferred by the fictional Paddington bear character from the popular stories.

Bear Team Manager Phuong Thanh Dang, known as Ellie, said from the rescue site:

“We can guess from the fact that Marmalade is microchipped that she has been languishing in this cage for 17 years or more. We’re so happy to get Marmalade out of there, emptying another cage and closing another farm, the second in as many weeks. Thanks to everyone around the world who is such an important part of this bear rescue team.”

Now that Marmalade has been safely brought to her new home at our rescue centre, she will spend 30 days in the quarantine area with our Paddington. This crucial period in quarantine helps protect over 200 other resident bears and our new arrivals from disease and it allows our teams time to assess their individual physical and psychological needs.

And just like Paddington, this poor bear has been subjected to unimaginable suffering, years of painful bile extractions and unnatural confinement. All so her bile can be stolen and used in traditional medicine. Now Marmalade will receive expert behavioural and veterinary care as part of  her rehabilitation. Will you help care for this beautiful bear with a donation today?

Marmalade is one of 203 resident bears at our sanctuary in Tam Dao National Park which is now housing more bears than originally intended. We have broken ground on our second sanctuary in the country so that we can rescue the last bile bears and make sure there is no bear left behind. Please help build this vital sanctuary in the hills of Bach Ma National Park and join us on the journey to ending bear bile farming in the country for good.

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