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Images from Yulin Festival 2016

21 June 2016

The Yulin dog meat festival started today in China. Early indications suggest business is subdued while a stand off between traders, media and animal lovers was overseen by a heavy police presence.

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The following images were taken by our colleagues in Yulin today:

A trader takes the dog meat to market by motorbike

Dog trader on bike

No public slaughtering this year after authorities cracked down. But there are still dogs everywhere. Even more heartbreaking when you consider that the vast majority have been snatched from families. 

Dog cart

Dog cart

As an odd form of intimidation - while Animals Asia representatives tried to take pictures of the stalls, local people formed a wall taking pictures back. 

Camera Phone people

Camera Phone people

A dog catcher - note the big iron pincers for catching dogs 

Pet catcher

For more information and reaction see our live timeline.

More information on Animals Asia's work to end cat and dog meat eating.