How your kindness helped Kai get over the wall

13 November 2015

Kai Madden – one of the all-time #MoonBearHeroes – finally got over that wall.

Dressed in a full moon bear suit, dragging himself through mud and over obstacles – Kai completed the 20km Tough Mudder obstacle race by getting over the steep ramp at the race’s end.

This was the same ramp – known as “Everest” – he tried to mount last year, falling down several times before deciding to remove his oversized moon bear head for the final ascent.

This time, he kept the bear head on – as he ran up the wall with limited visibility, perspiration lining the inside of the mask. And this time, he did it.

Kai said:

“I was thinking of the bears and everyone willing me on when I was running at the wall.”

Animals Asia’s supporters had a share in this victory too – as Kai and team raised over US$5,000 to help moon bears, and raised awareness in more ways than that.

Kai Madden during the race 3

His teammates Karmen Katz, Kate Rodd, Kelsey Poli and Madeleine Truax helped with the fundraising, and his enthusiasm even sparked another runner to don a bear suit.

Kai continued:

“By putting on this bear suit, I wanted to do my small part in the fight against bear bile farming. Every obstacle seems hard, but if we just focus on the one in front of us, it’s not impossible.

“The more than 11,000 bears in Asia affected by the bear bile trade won’t be freed tomorrow – but I’ll keep supporting Animals Asia for as long as it takes for that to happen. And it’s amazing to know that there are so many others out there who are part of this fight – who won’t stop until the last bear is freed, and this insanely cruel practice becomes a thing of the past.”

Kai Madden during the race 1

Animal lovers echoed this sentiment on Kai’s fundraising page. They said:

“People like you make the world a better place – a big thank you.”

“Thanks for being an amazing person! You’re a great voice for those who don’t have one.”

“To the strength and beauty of all bears that suffered so much."

“I’ll be here for you until the cruelty ends!”

Kai is trying to overcome the wall

Animals Asia, as a supporter-sustained organisation, relies on these acts of kindness to fuel its animal welfare operations.

Animals Asia would like to say a huge thank you to Kai. When someone like Kai shows the same passion in the fight against bear bile farming that we have, it reminds us of the millions around the world who want this cruelty to end – and it gives us comfort in knowing that the forces of greed can’t possibly prevail over this kind of passion.

Kai is still accepting donations – all of which go to Animals Asia – at his fundraising page.

If you've been inspired by Kai and would like to do something special to raise funds and awareness for the bears – go here for more information. 

Kai Madden (the first from the right) with his teammates