From bile farm to absolute babe – the story of Peter Bear

11 January 2016

When Peter Bear was rescued from an illegal bile farm in January 2013, he was in one of the smallest cages we had ever seen – a cage that had crushed him as he grew larger over the years, trapped inside it.

Peter Bear’s introduction to his new home coincided with Animals Asia UK Ambassador Peter Egan’s first visit there – a visit he called “a life changing experience”.

Peter Egan during the health check of Peter Bear, CBRC 2014

For Peter Bear, it has been that and more.

While in his cage, this long and beautiful bear was unable to stretch his legs to their full length. Up until his rescue, he had only known a life of being cramped and confined.

Peter was kept in an extremely small cage before being rescued, China 2013 (1)

Since his rescue, Peter B has grown into a gorgeous, lanky bear. He has found a best friend in feisty bear Shamrock, and with plenty of other bears besides. He loves to run, and is often seen racing around his enclosure, extending his long legs as far as they will go. He has a personality that is both friendly and easy-going, and rarely causes any problems amongst his group at House 7.

Peter and Shamrock share a drink

Two years later, he’s just had another health check – and the difference between him now and then is amazing! 

Animals Asia Vet Emily Drayton said:

“It has been over two years since Peter’s last health check, but I think he still remembers us. He wasn’t too happy when he arrived at the hospital the night before his health check, but once he was lavished with straw, hessian sacks and a variety of yummy treats, we were quickly forgiven.

“He had a great anaesthetic and overall his health check was very smooth. Peter did require a canine tooth extraction. This tooth, which is the largest of the bear teeth, was damaged while Peter was on the bear farm, weakening the tooth and predisposing it to a fracture. This condition can be painful and can quickly lead to infection and decay. As such, the tooth was removed today. 

“He has a lovely coat and great mobility in his joints. He had a very quick recovery, and woke up on a thick bed of straw. Tomorrow he will return to his house where he will receive blended food and medications to aid in his post-dental recovery. I have no doubt Shamrock will be happy to see her friend return, and that the two will have many more years together, roaming the enclosure at house 7.”

Peter Egan said:

“I met Peter Bear just after he was rescued – right after he had begun the life he was meant to have all along. The tiny cage that was his home and his torture chamber wasn’t fit for a living creature. Before Animals Asia rescued Peter B and gave him a true home, he didn’t have a life.

“Seeing his transformation to the beautiful, happy and free bear he is now is miraculous – and it’s a tribute to Animals Asia’s great work to see this beautiful bear’s progress. Despite all the odds against him, he finally has a life worth living. That life is his birthright, the natural life of a bear.

“He’s become a happy, friendly and inquisitive bear, and the friendships that were developing when I first met Peter B have become lifelong. Along the way, he’s learned that people are capable of great kindness – not just the cruelties that were all he knew from the bear bile farm.”