Five bears broken free from bile farm and brought to sanctuary

22 February 2023

Today Animals Asia rescued five moon bears from a bile farming hotspot near Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Just a few years ago, it would have been unthinkable to reach into such a stronghold and rescue these bears. But today, thanks to your constant support, we have rescued five precious souls from the pain and suffering they have endured for twenty years

Working together for a kinder world

This rescue means that another bear farm has closed for good. And we are one step closer to ending bear bile farming once and for all in Vietnam. 

The local communities, the government, our bear rescue teams, and now the bear farmers, are working together to bring about the end of this terrible, unnecessary industry.

But we’re not done yet

There are hundreds more bears just like these beautiful creatures who still need rescuing, and we are building our second sanctuary in Vietnam to make sure we can bring them all home as soon as possible. 

We’ve named these bears Dawn, Noon, Twilight, Midnight and Chronos, to constantly remind us that every minute, day and night, there are bears who are still suffering, who need us.

You made this happen

Our rescue team is always ready at a moment’s notice to rush to the aid of these desperate bears, but it’s you that makes all of this possible. 

Thank you for never wavering in your support. With you by our side, we will never stop until we ensure that there is no bear left behind. 

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