During recent Vietnam floods, Animals Asia came to the rescue of shelter, home to over 100 cats and dogs

18 November 2020

Recent flooding in central Vietnam has impacted thousands of people, with the severe weather and landslides leaving many homeless or killed. Our thoughts are with those who have been affected and lost loved ones.

During the flooding Animals Asia provided emergency support to the YeuDongVat (meaning Love Animals) shelter in Son Thuy Village, Le Thuy District in Quang Binh Province run by Ha Ninh and her husband. We provided 400 kg of dried dog food over 120kg of dried cat food, flea & skin treatments, and other treats for the dogs and cats in their care. It took over 11 hours to get to the shelter to make the delivery from Hanoi. 

The shelter is home to over 100 cats and 50 dogs. During the flooding they rescued and cared for more than ten additional dogs some of which were taken there by their owners for safety when the floods were at their worst. These dogs are now being returned to their owners as the water has receded. Before our emergency relief delivery the shelter only had a couple days of food left for the animals.

At the same time our team was preparing for the #SurvivalRescue of bears Storm and Torrent, named in honour of everyone lost or impacted by the flooding crisis. As the situation improves on the ground, our team is staying in touch with the shelter and stands ready to provide more assistance as needed and our Bear and Vet Department is planning a spey clinic (to desex and vaccinate the dogs and cats) in December this year.

This emergency intervention, made possible by kind supporters around the world, certainly helped the shelter pull through this difficult time. We send our thanks to Ha Ninh and her husband for caring for all these companion animals.

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