Dog and Cat food gets into Wuhan

26 March 2020

With new Covid-19 coronavirus cases dropping and travel restrictions loosening around Wuhan, our Cat and Dog welfare team has been able to deliver over 6 tons of cat and dog food to animals impacted by the quarantine. Our team raised donations from several companies, some donations of pet food, some monetary, and some of which was directed towards supporting local dog and cat shelters and volunteer groups on the ground. 

Pet food donation in storage

We will continue to support shelters and local groups, and two more batches of dog food will be sent to Wuhan in the following months. Animals Asia has set up a communication group for over 20 Wuhan shelters and groups on Chinese social media platform Wechat. Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association (SAPA) is taking the lead on distribution and coordination. We’re working closely with Wuhan SAPA to monitor the situation and help make sure that every shelter and group gets the right amount of food for the right number of animals.

Food donation in transit and happy dogs' dinner

Animals Asia’s China Cat and Dog Welfare Senior Manager Suki Deng said:

“The crisis has been hugely demanding, but it brings a smile to my face to see all of these individuals and organisations rising to the challenge to protect dogs and cats in Wuhan. There’s still lots to do so I would like to thank everyone who has donated to the #CrisisActionFund and shared their #BearInTheWindow pictures. It’s great to know that on top of the volunteers on the ground, the groups and shelters in Wuhan and around the country, the businesses who are donating and our team who are coordinating, we are also supported by generous and compassionate people from all around the world. #WeAreWithYou.”

 Food donation received by animal shelter in Wuhan

Having shared news about our work with groups in Wuhan on social media even more companies have come forward to offer their support which is desperately needed and hugely appreciated. The coronavirus crisis is far from over for the people and companion animals of Wuhan and we’re doing everything in our power to make a real positive difference in their lives. Even as the crisis forces social distancing people are working together and we’re reminded more than ever that we and our animal friends are not alone, so long as we keep each other in our hearts and put our #KindnessInAction.
More food donation deliveries on their way.