Please PLEDGE and do the business for the bears

01 September 2015

Ricky Gervais adopts a Peace by Piece bear

It's the campaign that’s rocked rock stars and had comics chortling and it’s all about ensuring a bear can do what comes naturally - in the woods - are you ready to join the movement?

Those who have already backed our “Bear in the Woods” campaign include the likes of Ricky Gervais, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Steve-O, Ben Elton, Simon Le Bon, Matt Lucas and Animals Asia ambassador Peter Egan.

They’ve been joined by thousands of animal lovers across the world who’ve stood up for the bears and asked friends to do the same.

Each has pledged their support for the campaign to end bear bile farming - now we need you to do the same. Go to our website and add your name.


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For supporters making a donation there’s a special surprise. Please donate to help us continue the fight to end bear bile farming and you’ll get your own special moon bear thank you. You can almost smell the freedom :)

Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson said:

“No campaign has ever had a reaction like this one since we started Animals Asia 17 years ago. The line-up that has donated their time and given their support is incredible - with many more celebrities sharing the message online.

“So many people found out about bear bile farming for the first time because of these people. Beyond that our incredible supporters shared the message in their thousands. Those who’ve have been with us since the outset were amazed to see the message they’ve long worked hard to spread was suddenly all around them.

“It’s a cheeky campaign about a very serious situation but it’s reached a whole new audience. Four letter words aside the message is spot on - all bears should be allowed to do what comes naturally in their natural habitat.

“If you haven’t done so already then please make sure you sign the pledge and share it with all your friends, family and social media followers. We’ve seen time and time again the correlation between awareness and action. Help shine a light on this cruelty.”

Animals Asia is indebted to the many celebrities and thousands of supporters who have given their time and support to Bear in the Woods, including Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Anthony Kiedis, Matt Lucas, Steve-O, Simon LeBon, Duff McKagan, Moby, Matt Lucas, Ricky Gervais, Arj Baker, Peter Northcote, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Simon Bryant, Alicia Silverstone, Liv Tyler, Ben Elton, Ian Somerhalder, Kellan Lutz, Bianca Jagger, Gillian Anderson, Jane Fallon and Peter Egan.

In China and Vietnam there remains over 12,000 bears in tiny cages facing regular bile extractions for use in traditional medicine. Animals Asia has rescued over 500 bears and is committed to ending the industry. To do that - we need you.