Critically ill dogs on the mend after rescue from the meat trade

30 August 2017

The sickest of 35 dogs rescued from thieves are being helped by vets whose loving care is overcoming trauma.

When police in China busted a gang of dog thieves last month, they saved 35 dogs from a gruesome fate.

Following the rescue, the authorities contacted Animals Asia for help, with the animal welfare NGO transferring the dogs to a nearby rescue centre.

Once safely at the Sichuan Qiming Animal Protection Center, the dogs – all scared and suffering from a variety of health problems – received the health care they so desperately needed.

But two dogs in particular caused more serious concern and were transferred to a local vet clinic on the advice of an Animals Asia vet.

Xiao Bai – stolen from his family


Poor little Xiao Bai is clearly a stolen companion animal due to his pink collar and natural affinity for humans.

Sadly, the gang of thieves snatched him from his family, and the terrible conditions he was kept in have left him with serious eye infections.

A combination of glaucoma and xerophthalmia – which causes acute dryness and inflammation – has blinded his right eye.

Vets say fluid pressure within the eye has become too high to risk surgery and it is possible the eye will never regain vision.

But he’s been getting the best treatment possible, with vets gently swabbing the eye every three hours to control the infection.

Xiao Bai has been the perfect patient, responding lovingly during his treatment sessions, and hopes remain his original guardians can be found.

Animals Asia Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

“Imagine returning home one day to find your best friend is nowhere to be seen. The faithful companion you’ve raised, loved and been loved by for years is gone. That is what Xiao Bai’s family has suffered.

“And take it from me, it is agony. We suffered the same betrayal when loved family member Bug was snatched from outside our China sanctuary. We’ll never forget Bug, and sadly that means never getting over the pain the thieves have caused us. If we don’t end the dog meat trade, the same thing will continue happen to innocent people around the country on a daily basis.”

Xiao Tu – snatched from the streets

Young stray Xiao Tu has had no luck in life. Having grown up alone on the streets, he is nervous around humans, but his vigilance couldn’t save him from the merciless thieves.

Now that he’s been rescued, caring people are doing everything they can to overcome Xiao Tu’s natural distrust and help cure his agonising skin condition.

When rescued, his entire body was covered in covered in scabs and most of his fur had fallen out which prompted Animals Asia vets to advise he be sent to a clinic.

Thankfully with a nutritious diet and treatment, Xiao Tu is improving fast and his fur is already beginning to regrow.

Just a few weeks on from his traumatic ordeal, he is responding better to human care and carers are hopeful compassionate people can be found to give him the forever home he’s never had.

Animals Asia’s Cat and Dog Welfare Director Irene Feng said:

“The dog thieves have literally ruined human and animal lives. But let’s not forget that they did not carry out these cruel deeds for no reason – they were motivated by the financial reward promised by the dog meat industry.

“This cruel trade has no place in the modern China and we can take solace from the fact that so many kind people have stepped up to put right the cruelty of the few.”

Xiaotu is better now