Beautiful Animals Asia gifts for animal lovers

25 November 2015

Wondering what to buy the animal lover in your life? You need to see the new Animals Asia range.

Buy a gift today and the profits from your purchase will help end bear bile farming.

Here are some ideas, from our incredible team who work so hard to fight animal cruelty.

Jill Robinson, Animals Asia founder and CEO:

Foldable shopping bag

Foldable shoulder bag

"I love these. I've been using it since we had some samples in the office and I grabbed one. I've been carrying it around with me ever since and had lots of compliments. I think I must have sold 20 of them myself and it's been quite the conversation starter. It says ‘Moon bears are born to be free’ on the side and who can argue with that?" 

The foldable shoulder bag is designed by the famous British Japanese designer Mariko Jesse, who is a great friend of Animals Asia. Karen Mok also has been spotted with this beautiful bag – the same Karen Mok who has over 30 million followers on Weibo, and who carried a torch at the Beijing Olympics. A leader in every sense – and with this bag, a fashion leader too. Unmissable at US$17.

Wen Yan, Vet Support Manager at the China sanctuary:

Silver necklace

Silver tassel necklace with bear charm

“I put this on, and immediately felt I never wanted to take it off again. It’s so slick and minimal and it dresses up my casual look pretty well. It’s a beautiful object and there’s a serious side for me. It shows that the moon bears are always with me.”

This is a real 925 sterling silver necklace with an elegant bear charm and silver tassel. It’s simple, stylish and perfect for the bear lover in your life at a very reasonable US$45.

Nic Field, Bear and Vet Team Director at the China sanctuary:

Cage key ring

Cage bar key ring

“This represents everything we’ve been working towards as an organisation, and for a large part of my life this has been my mission too. We want to grind these cages to dust – but until that happens this is a permanent reminder of this wrong that must be put right.”

The centrepiece in this key ring was taken from a metal bar from a real bile farm cage. Each is different and marks a bear’s journey to freedom. We also included a photo of Jasper, who survived 15 years in a cage like the one this key ring is made from. “Breaking the bars” is our ultimate goal – which the US$25 that goes into this gift will help us do.

Tuan Bendixsen, Animals Asia Vietnam Director:

2016 Calendar

“For the last week I’ve kept this open on my desk, right next to my 2015 one! It doesn’t really matter to me what month it’s showing – the bears inside have been a part of my life since the day I joined Animals Asia. Peter and Momo, the two photographers who contributed to this calendar, are just some of the outstandingly talented people who’ve made this cause their own, and their passion shows through – in every single image of bears that will never know another day of cruelty.” 

Calendar 1

Peter Yuen and Momo (Deng Ping Mo), the two photographers within, donated their time and talent to capture our bears so beautifully in this calendar.

Momo is renowned in his native Sichuan province and throughout China for his dramatic magazine pictorials, breathtaking scenic shots and wildlife photography. He has long been a visitor to our sanctuary in Chengdu, and has generously come along on a number of Animals Asia’s bear rescues as our “official photographer”. Momo’s love for the bears comes shining through in his work.

Peter Yuen, originally from the UK, left a corporate career in Hong Kong six years ago to follow his passion for wildlife photography. He is now one of the top photographers in his field in Asia, and he uses his talents to help a number of wildlife and animal charities. A regular visitor to both our China and Vietnam bear sanctuaries, he is now on first name terms with many of the residents. And our bears have never looked better! 

This reminder of what we’re fighting for can start your day for just US$12