Animals Asia’s supporters come together to end bear bile farming in Vietnam

22 August 2022

A mile a day so bears are free to play - Lynne Chitty, England

When Lynne Chitty from the UK heard about Animal’s Asia’s campaign to end bear bile farming in Vietnam and how we need to build a new sanctuary for bears who are still on bile farms, she just had to do something to help.

But Lynne wanted to do something different, and is - quite literally - going the extra mile to help save every last bear!

“I’m going to run a mile every single day until Animals Asia’s new sanctuary in Bach Ma is built,” Lynne told us. 

“The bears at Animals Asia’s sanctuaries know what it is like to be trapped in a cage and they also know the joy of freedom. I’m going to run a mile a day to raise money so that every last bear on bile farms in Vietnam can know that joy, too.”

At the time of publication, Lynne has already raised over £1,000 from supporters who have been inspired and touched by her dedication to ending the cruel and unnecessary practice of bear bile farming.

Sponsor Lynne in her epic challenge or set up your own fundraiser in the UK/EuropeHong KongAustralia or the USA, or speak to Maren about your fundraising ideas!

Taking children’s learning into the real world - Toowoomba East State School, Australia

The Year 6 students in East State School of Toowoomba in Australia recently learned about bear bile farming and really wanted to help Animals Asia rescue the last bears from bile farms in Vietnam.

So they got together and thought about how they could raise some money to help us build the bears a new home. And their idea was inspired! Their teacher told us more…

“Our students decided to hold a 'black & white' free dress day for the whole school, and asked for a gold coin donation to help protect and care for the moon bears.”

The day was not only a fun and successful fundraising event, but the children were introduced to a world outside of the classroom which, as their teacher said, “improved our teaching and their learning of how to make a difference… thank you so much!

Inspired by Year 6’s fun-draising event? Why not set up your own in the UK/EuropeHong KongAustralia or the USA or email us to chat through your ideas today! 

“Any donation large or small will make a difference to the bears” - Mark Hathaway, Scotland

Mark Hathaway from Scotland is an avid runner and holds Animals Asia very close to his heart, having supported our work for many years. 

When he heard of our need to build a sanctuary before we can rescue the remaining bears on bile farms in Vietnam, he immediately knew what he was going to do to help: run 100 miles in a month, of course!

Mark told us, “through July I’ll be running and walking (the walk I’ll be doing with my black lab, Ben!) 100 miles to raise funds to help Animals Asia build their new sanctuary.” 

On his fundraising page, where Mark has currently raised over £400, he said, “any donation, small or large, will make a difference to bears who live their lives in small cages, their bile regularly extracted. In the sanctuary the bears will have the care they need, and a new life climbing trees, relaxing in swimming pools and playing with other bears.”

Please support Mark’s challenge or set up your own fundraiser in the UK/EuropeHong KongAustralia or the USA to help the last bile bears in Vietnam or contact us today!

With your help, Animals Asia has already rescued over 650 bears from bile farms, wildlife trafficking and the entertainment industry and runs two award-winning sanctuaries in Vietnam and China.

We are so close to ending the cruel, outdated and unnecessary practice of bear bile farming in Vietnam. And with our moon bear heroes by our side, we will rescue every last bear, bring them home to our new sanctuary, and care for them for the rest of their lives.

Join us in our historic campaign from the UK, EuropeAustraliaHong Kong, the USA or elsewhere, and together, we will end bear bile farming in Vietnam forever!

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