Animals Asia rescues bear with a name

09 November 2023

Today we are rescuing a bear named ‘QQ’.  In all our years of rescuing bears from bile farms, it is rare to ever find they have been given a name. But this time it’s different. This is the story of a bear owner who loves his bear.

A generation of lost bears

QQ has lived in a cage on a farm since 1998, when they were just a cub. No doubt stolen from their forest home, it is likely their mother was killed during the capture. It is an all too common tragic fate that befell thousands of moon bears who were taken from the wild at the time. 

With the deprivation and suffering QQ would have experienced in over two decades of captivity, it would be easy to vilify the owner as cruel and heartless. And while we have met some bear farmers over the years who fit this stereotype, it is not the case here.

Times are changing

In 1998 keeping a bear was not uncommon. But over the years Vietnam has changed, attitudes have changed, and today we are witnessing the reality of this progression. This owner’s change of heart is a shining example.

He wanted to be sure QQ (who he named because he thought his bear was ‘cute cute’) would be well looked after, so he came to visit our sanctuary in Tam Dao.

QQ’s owner visits our sanctuary

He told us of QQ’s favourite foods, including pumpkin, sweetcorn, honey and rice. He was worried we wouldn’t have enough food for QQ. But after being shown the bear nutrition area, he was more at ease, and agreed to voluntarily hand his bear over to us. 

We are looking forward to giving QQ all the love and care she deserves, and experience the feel of grass under her paws, the sun on her fur, and meet others of her kind. 

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