Animals Asia rescues bear who’d spent 17 years on a bile farm

23 September 2022

“If we're kind and polite, the world will be right.”

In the much loved children’s story, Paddington Bear, Paddington’s Aunt Lucy gave this sage advice to Paddington before sending the orphaned bear off to find a new and better life far away. 

Animals Asia has just rescued another bear from a dark place, a bile farm in Nam Dinh, where she has been kept for many years in a tiny cage, and subjected to unimaginable suffering. We’re determined to make her world right by showing her the same kindness expressed in Aunt Lucy’s sentiment.

So we have decided to name this bear Paddington.

Like her storybook namesake who once declared “I’m a very rare sort of bear - there aren’t many of us left where I come from,” our long-suffering Paddington is part of an endangered species in Vietnam. There are so few moon bears left in the wild in the country, but there are still hundreds trapped in cages on bile farms. 

Rescuing our Paddington is another step in our mission to free all the bears remaining on farms across Vietnam from their incarceration, close the illegal wildlife trade that has fueled the collapse of wild populations across the country, and ensure there is No Bear Left Behind.

Our Paddington never deserved the treatment she has suffered in her cage on a bile farm, so from this moment forward, with your help, we will do everything we can to make sure that the life she will live from now on will be far away from the life she has lived before. 

Now she can live a life free from pain and suffering, with healthy food, fabulous friends, and the best veterinary care a bear could ever hope for. 

Like the Browns in the Paddington stories, with you, our incredible supporters by our side, we will give her a home where she is truly loved. 

Join us today with a monthly gift and together we'll make history by ending bear bile farming in Vietnam and bringing every last bear home.

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