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12 January 2017

Dog thief sentenced to death as dog meat crimes spiral

Mob violence, murder and social unrest characterise the dog meat trade in China and Vietnam but they could yet prove to be the industry’s weakness.


11 January 2017

Help us help animals and here's what you can expect in return

Animals Asia’s work to show you where your donations go has been officially recognised, but transparency is just part of our promise to you.


10 January 2017

Bear who tried to rub himself away on bile farm dies peacefully in sanctuary

Nearly 13 years after his rescue, moon bear Quantock passed away at Animals Asia’s China Bear Rescue Centre at the end of 2016.


09 January 2017

For rescued bears, a swing is a slice of heaven

After lifetimes spent trapped in tiny cages, rescued bears love the freedom of swinging the days away on sanctuary swings.


06 January 2017

Hero vets free rescued bear with no tongue from “unimaginable” pain

Moon bear Snow endured years of excruciating pain on a bile farm, but just weeks after his rescue vets have revealed a totally new bear.


05 January 2017

Amazing Chinese students share emotional anti dog meat messages

Organisers of a China-wide display of “No to cat and dog meat” posters were left reeling by the emotional response from young people demanding the cruelty be stopped.


04 January 2017

How did rescued bears spend the holidays?

While people around the world enjoyed the holiday season, the bears did too by swinging, sleeping, dancing and even snorkelling their way into 2017.


30 December 2016

28,000 bear sized ice pops and nearly 30,000 fruit shakes - this our 2016 in numbers

From freeing bears from cages to informing millions of people about why it is so vitally important, 2016 was a busy year for everyone at Animals Asia. Here is what we achieved in numbers over the last 12 months.