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23 February 2018

5 shocking examples of animal abuse available right now on TripAdvisor

Forget the dark web, if you want to eat a vulnerable species, cuddle captured wild animals or pose with a drugged tiger, just jump on TripAdvisor.


21 February 2018

TAKE ACTION: TripAdvisor’s animal welfare policy is failing and animals are suffering

The public can’t be expected to be experts. TripAdvisor – just like any other travel agent – must be responsible for the content on its own site.


20 February 2018

PETITION: TripAdvisor continues to facilitate animal cruelty despite ticket sales ban

The world’s largest travel site contradicts its own ethics by continuing to allow facilities which exploit animals to promote on their platform –demand it stops now.


16 February 2018

World Pangolin Day: natural recyclers, keepers of the soil – and the world’s most trafficked animal

Many people have never heard of this unique mammal which contributes so much to forest ecosystems, and they may soon be lost forever.


13 February 2018

China’s dog meat restaurants on the back foot as public clamour to report illegality

A new Animals Asia initiative allows the public to report dog meat restaurant illegality online, with hundreds of reports flooding in over the first 10 days.


09 February 2018

Chimpanzees on film: that’s not a smile, it’s a grimace

How decades of exploitation in movies has misled the public to think primates make great entertainers – in reality they are endangered wild animals.


07 February 2018

Autistic children pour their love of cats and dogs into colourful art

Dogs helping to brighten the lives of autistic children in China are celebrated in a series of touching artworks by their best friends.


06 February 2018

After a dozen years of cruelty rescued bears discover the joy of friendship

After 12 years alone in tiny cages so their bile could be extracted for traditional medicine, rescued moon bears Holly and Manu play for the first time.