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15 March 2019

Rescued bears finally get their happily-ever-after moment following rescue from bile farm hell

After more than a decade trapped on bile farms, moon bears LeBON and Sky are safe and have each other – it’s the best their lives have ever been.


14 March 2019

FLIGHT: Meet the people working tirelessly to stop Indonesia’s jungles falling silent

One year on from its founding, Animals Asia’s Indonesian partner FLIGHT has rescued thousands of birds and returned song to the jungles of Indonesia.


12 March 2019

Blind bear can’t see the outside world is waiting for her, even as her friends play on the grass

Rescued bear Mai went blind as a result of stress and neglect on a bear bile farm, and now that she’s safe she still doesn’t dare go outside.


11 March 2019

Revealed: Malnourished young bears “ruthlessly exploited” at Vietnam tourist hotspot

The poaching and exploitation of moon bears is illegal, but tourists keep the cruelty running – tell the government to act!


08 March 2019

Why animals should not be in circuses

The truth about animals in circuses is that they are abused and endure lives of complete misery, while some are even poached from the wild, purely for entertainment.


06 March 2019

Animals Asia Ambassador Peter Egan visits “sickening horrors” of Indonesia’s brutal dog and cat meat markets

Downton Abbey actor visibly shocked after visit to infamous dog and cat meat markets, calls for ban on “scenes of hell”.


05 March 2019

Sheer joy as rescued sun bear waits 15 years to make her first ever friends

Recently rescued sun bear Aurora is well into middle age for her species, but feels just like a cub again thanks to her five new best friends.


01 March 2019

The truth about elephant riding

Every year, tourists from around the world ride elephants while on holiday in Southeast Asia. Here’s why you should never take an elephant ride.