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13 July 2018

World Chimpanzee Day: Our closest relatives have the compassion to adopt orphans, but do we have it in us to save them?

Chimpanzees are our closest living relatives, yet while they care for the defenceless, human activities are pushing them to extinction.


13 July 2018

National park stops elephant rides with new tourism model designed to end elephant exploitation in Vietnam

Funding from the UK’s Olsen Animal Trust ends rides for three elephants and enables a radical new cruelty-free approach to elephant tourism.


10 July 2018

Vietnam gets serious about wildlife crime with double launch of books designed to end bear bile farming

Media and government officials were in Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre in Vinh Phuc province Tuesday to mark the launch of two publications designed to help the country eradicate bear bile farming.


06 July 2018

PETITION: Net is closing on animal performance as calls for ban intensify

With accusations of wildlife crime yet to be answered, calls for an animal performance ban in Vietnam grow louder.


29 June 2018

Olsen Animal Trust ensures long-suffering bears can enjoy pain-free futures

Generous donation from the UK charity will fund vet care for nearly 200 bears rescued from China’s bear bile industry.


28 June 2018

State rescue centres upgraded as Vietnam prepares to end bear bile farming

As the government’s official partner in the campaign to end bear bile farming, Animals Asia revamps rescue centres and trains staff in bear care.


26 June 2018

Miomojo Cub House: From tiny cub to teenage birthday bear – watch rescued sun bear orphan turn three

Rescued at just a few months old after poachers killed his mother, Murphy is still the cutest, most mischievous bear we’ve ever known.


25 June 2018

#MoonBearMonday: Rescued bears know exactly how to deal with a heat wave – sleep and swim!

With summer temperatures regularly reaching the high-30s, wrestling is out, while hammocks, swimming and sleeping in the shade are in.