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19 April 2016

VIDEO: Freed from a bile farm – is this the happiest bear ever?

Watch Tuffy jump for joy in his first days outside – after being rescued from a bear bile farm where he’d spent years of torture in a tiny cage.


18 April 2016

Rescued from a bear bile farm - now Barri trusts his carers enough for a manicure

Barri bear’s claws were proving a problem for his carers - he was too old to wear them down naturally, and regular anaesthetics were a no-go.


15 April 2016

A calf is cooked alive in China - the video we refuse to share

A film showing a calf cooked alive has shocked Chinese netizens - and our experience tells us the footage will also be shared, reported and condemned in the West. Animals Asia's Animal Welfare Director watched it - this is his response.


14 April 2016

Dramatic attempt to introduce elephant calf to herd is caught on camera

The amazing moment where elephant calf Gold was reintroduced to a herd in Vietnam is captured in this incredible footage – but what happened next is heartbreaking.


13 April 2016

"World's saddest zoo" bosses invite Animals Asia to discuss concerns

Grandview Aquarium - which includes a live polar bear in a small glass enclosure - has told Animals Asia it will improve facilities.


08 April 2016

Join in our Bear Hugs for Bears and help us end bear bile farming

Help us get the whole world hugging this May to raise awareness of the thousands of bears trapped in tiny bile farm cages in parts of Asia.


06 April 2016

PICTURES: There ain’t no party like a moon bear tree party

The joyous “tree party” phenomenon has been observed among bears at Animals Asia’s sanctuaries in China and Vietnam. See how these incredible bears share their good fortune.


05 April 2016

The 10 steps required to rescue thousands of caged bears and end bile farming in China

Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson outlines the 10 steps required to humanely end bear bile farming in China.