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05 October 2016

Watch: sun bear Murphy’s first year — they grow up so fast!

Murphy was the youngest cub Animals Asia had ever rescued — a year on, look at him go.


04 October 2016

RESCUE UPDATE: Rescued sun bear receives pain-relieving surgery after years in captivity

Sun bear Kaffe, who was rescued from Vietnam’s Dak Lak province earlier this month by Animals Asia, has received his first ever health check to end years of pain.


03 October 2016

Jigsaw is head over heels in love with leaves

So many delicious leaves to munch through — it’s all too much for rescued moon bear Jigsaw who is head over heels happy.


30 September 2016

VIDEO: Watch Kay “the most beautiful bear in the world” beat her demons

She was balding and nearly blind when she rescued from a bile farm — now see brave moon bear Kay finally step outside.


28 September 2016

Ending bear bile farming in Vietnam — village by village

How grassroots work to end bear bile farming is helping Vietnam move ever closer to ending the cruelty for good.


27 September 2016

He’s gone but this rescued bear will still be seen by thousands every day

Former bile farm bear Xie Sheung, whose silhouette became the Animals Asia logo, has sadly passed away, but his memory continues to inspire thousands.


26 September 2016

VIDEO: A decade on, rescued brown bear Benji is still celebrating

It’s been 10 years since Tibetan brown bear Benji came to Animals Asia’s bear sanctuary in China, but he’s happier than ever.


23 September 2016

Mall yet to make official response to bear rescue offer

Grandview mall has yet to officially respond to the offer from Yorkshire Wildlife Park to rehouse the captive polar bear, known as Pizza, despite global media attention.