19 June 2015

Caged for a decade – Bern steps outside

Rescued from the cage that held him for ten years Bern steps out into the light – sniffing the sanctuary smells and blinking in the sunlight.


18 June 2015

Stopping Yulin, stopping the dog meat trade

As 70,000 international animal lovers add their names to our campaign against Yulin, our team in China is resolved to ending the event and the wider dog meat trade.


17 June 2015

Elephant import set to go ahead despite animal welfare protests

Controversial plans to importa group of wild caught African elephant calves to a leading tourist attraction in China, have taken a step towards becoming a reality.


16 June 2015

Chinese students pledge not to watch “Blackfish” perform

Students in China are joining the campaign to refuse to watch marine mammal performance.


15 June 2015

Meet the bear with three legs, one eye and a constant smile

When rescued from a bile farm in Vietnam five years ago, this very poor bear was in a terrible state. But thanks to years of care, a beautiful and much loved character has emerged.


12 June 2015

Report reveals Chinese dog eating as minority activity with widespread support for ban

An in-depth report into the consumption of cats and dogs in China has revealed the nation is not a country of cat and dog eaters, on the contrary, many areas see up to 80% abstaining.


11 June 2015

Moon bear Sophie pain free thanks to eye surgery

Surgery to remove a moon bear’s diseased right eye was hailed as a success by vets as the bear returned to her enclosure to continue sanctuary life, playing and foraging pain-free.


10 June 2015

China’s meat dog farms are a myth – most are poisoned and stolen from rural homes

Animals Asia's four-year investigation into the dog meat industry has uncovered no evidence of any large-scale breeding facilities in the country, supporting claims that so-called “meat dogs” are stolen companion animals.