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16 November 2015

137 kilos of moon bear has 40 winks – 20 metres up (PICS)

Balancing your big moon bear behind on a tiny branch way above our China sanctuary is far from snoozeworthy. But for tree-climber extraordinaire Wang Cai, it’s not worth losing sleep over. In fact there’s nothing he likes more than a nap at altitude.


13 November 2015

How your kindness helped Kai get over the wall

Kai Madden – one of the all-time #MoonBearHeroes – finally got over that wall.


12 November 2015

Oliver’s Day: A letter to a bear who inspired a movement

One year ago today we lost Oliver - a bear who refused to give up despite 30 years in a cage facing daily bile extractions.


11 November 2015

Danang dolphinarium battle hits headlines in Vietnam

Animals Asia’s suggestion to Danang city leaders that plans to build a dolphinarium would be suicidal for the city have hit Vietnamese newspaper front pages.


10 November 2015

Most animals won’t be saved – but rescues show the world an alternative

Trapped inside a cage barely bigger than your body. Standing, sitting and lying in your own excrement. Having to fight for a share of what little food and water there is.


09 November 2015

100kg later – Dick bear has gone from string bean to supersized

When Dick arrived, he was emaciated – weighing a sickly 96.5kg. Several hundred kilos of fruit and veggies later and he tips the scales at a whopping 198kg, making him nearly the largest bear at the China sanctuary.


06 November 2015

What these rescued bears will do for their carers will blow your mind

They spent decades in tiny cages on bear bile farms before they were rescued – now these bears trust their carers so much, they’ll willingly step back into a cage.


05 November 2015

Fired up to fight animal cruelty - this man’s refusal to give up moved us to tears

When New Yorker Kai Madden is wearing a sodden and muddy bear suit and taking a second, third and fourth run at a steep wall – his mind is with 10,000 bears caged in China by bear bile farms.