20 July 2015

Helios – three legs, a big heart and 100% power

A happy moon bear is a playful moon bear. But when does tender hugging turn to playful wrestling? One armed moon bear Helios gives a helpful demonstration with his pal Fynn.


17 July 2015

Sledgehammer slaughter was a wake up call for Vietnam

Animal cruelty has repeatedly made headlines in Vietnam. For the country to take the next step in combatting this issue robust animal welfare laws are required.


16 July 2015

How South Korea manages to “farm” dogs where others have failed - will shock you

China has consistently failed to farm "meat dogs" with the industry relying instead on theft of companion animals. But does South Korea prove that these dogs can be farmed - our founder Jill Robinson says no.


15 July 2015

Building an army of animal welfare educators in China

That’s Animals Asia’s aim as we embark on an ambitious programme to inform and educate young people in partnership with a not-for profit education group called Evergreen.


13 July 2015

Caged side by side for 15 years - these rescued moon bears just met

Recently rescued from a bear bile farm in Vietnam’s Ben Tre province, moon bears Coco and Yogi share a truly special bond.


10 July 2015

Rescued from bile farms - the "lucky 13" bears start rehabilitation

The “Lucky 13” moon bears rescued from bear bile farms by Animals Asia are beginning to settle well in their new home. Here are Vietnam Bear Manager Sarah Dempsey’s updates on the “lucky 13”.


08 July 2015

Everything you need to know about the last 17 bears in Quang Ninh

The successful #Halong2Home rescue mission saw 13 bears freed from lives of bear bile farms in Vietnam’s Quang Ninh province, but 17 remain behind - here’s why.


07 July 2015

The Animal Welfare Review - June

The animal welfare stories you need to know from around the world in June.